Roger Williams Park Casino Wedding Photographer – Providence, Rhode Island {Meaghan + Eric – Teaser}



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My first time in Rhode Island last weekend, I photographed Meaghan and Eric’s wedding, two outgoing, generous, and kind souls. This is just a teaser from their wedding at the historic Roger Williams Park Casino in Providence, Rhode Island.  More to come!

Palm Springs Wedding Photographer – C. Farrell House {Lauren + Paul – Teaser}


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I walked off the plane in Palm Springs last weekend and I started to get a little misty eyed.  “Am I about to cry???”, I thought to myself.  The thought of seeing so many people I care about, all in the same place overwhelmed me.  I’ve been living on the road since the new year, and my extended group of college lacrosse teammates was gathering to celebrate the wedding of two of our own, Lauren and Paul.

This is just one sneak peak from Lauren and Paul’s wedding at the iconic C. Farrell House in old Palm Springs.  Congratulations guys!

La Mansión Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer {Deanna + Aaron}


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I first met Deanna and Aaron at Sheri and Ryan’s destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta in 2011;  Deanna is Sheri’s younger sister.  This year we were back in Puerto Vallarta, at La Mansión, a beautiful white seaside villa just south of the city (formerly Villa Garza Blanca).  I flew in from Denver, Colorado and most of their guests came down from Alberta, Canada. I think we all enjoyed the warm respite from our winter caves.

Deanna and Sheri’s father passed away unexpectedly between the two weddings and Sheri and Ryan now have a bubbly little two-year-old with curly blonde hair.  I appreciate the continuity I’ve experienced with their families.  Through birth and death, through good and bad, and across time and spaces, it’s our shared experience as people that bind us together, as family and as friends.  I’m so thankful to be able to call them my friends.

We also did a day-after session.  I took Deanna and Aaron through my old cobblestone neighborhood on the hill, with vistas and blooming bugambilias.  We then went down to a beach in Conchas Chinas for sunset.

Many thanks to Ulises L. Guerrero for second shooting with me, and thank you to Eva and Michael from Vallarta Weddings for doing a spectacular job with the planning and details!

Colorado Documentary Family Photographer – Denver, Durango


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I connected with my cousins Molly and Lucinda at their cozy little house in Durango, Colorado.  Molly works at the university and Lucinda, well, Lucinda is a six-year-old.  Molly cooked a breakfast for us that included your southwest-standard green chiles, while Lucinda showed me the eggs that she had dyed for easter and her DIY candle-making kit.

The two got ready and for the morning we decided to go visit some family grave sites.  Molly’s and my great-grandfather, Benito, is buried up on Greenmont Cemetery on the hill overlooking Durango.  The second cemetery we went to was outside of town in-between Durango and Bayfield, where our great-aunt Soraida is buried (you can see her name on one of the headstones in the pictures).

I’ve felt more passionate about documentary family photography in the last year or so, and spending time with my cousins and their young kids has been a fun entry for me into that.  Photographs are really important to me in my own family, and the ones that I love the most from my childhood were always the candid ones, and I think most people would agree with that statement.  I feel an enormous personal reward when I can give that gift to other families.

Abernethy Center Wedding Photographer – Portland, Oregon {Sara + Morgan}


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Sara and Moran got married last summer at the Abernethy Center in southeast Portland, Oregon.  Sara and Morgan met in college, both as athletes at the University of Oregon, Sara in soccer and Morgan and football.  They are both kind and empathetic, attentive to each other, their families and friends.  After the more sensitive emotions of the day had worn off, their wedding erupted into one giant dance party.

Thank you guys for the amazing experience of joining in your wedding day!

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer – Los Caracoles Marina Vallarta {Tara + Steve – Teaser}


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Wow!  What a blast last night photographing Tara and Steve’s destination wedding down here in Puerto Vallarta.  I connected with the Calgary couple last fall over video Skype and we immediately clicked, we laughed and giggled.  Tara and Steve are so warm and friendly, and it was a pleasure to photograph them on their wedding day and get to know their family and friends.  Tara and Steve got married on the property that Tara’s parents own condos at, Los Caracoles in Marina Vallarta.  They’ve been coming there for over fifteen years and the place holds a lot of meaning and emotional significance in their lives.  Congratulations you two!  I can’t wait to check out the rest of your photos!

*A special thanks to long and trusted friends, Kelley and Nicole, at Younique Vallarta Weddings for coordinating and planning Tara and Steve’s day…they always do such an awesome job and I love working with them!

Casa Salinas Destination Wedding Photographer Review – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Villa Wedding


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We found Nate like anybody else might, by perusing websites and photo blogs until we found the right fit. After an intensive search we both decided we really liked the personal element of Nate’s pictures.  We were specifically looking for originality, personality and genuine feeling in each picture.

We found that we both agreed on Nate’s photos having a uniquely personal touch. Nate’s ability to capture the essence of someone’s emotions set his pictures apart from the average wedding photographer. His ability to pick up unique surroundings while still keeping the primary focus on the subjects in the picture is excellent.

So we reached out to Nate and made contact via email and he responded quickly to his questionnaire we completed. From the beginning, it was a natural fit since we were planning on the Puerto Vallarta location.

Nate requested a Skype session and we did a friendly meet and greet. He’s got a good sense of humor and seemed genuinely interested in providing exactly what we wanted. Nate’s interest in designing something that really suited our needs and was tailored around our event, and not just some pre-packaged concept, set his style apart from your standard show up and shoot photogs.

We corresponded a few more times in-between and Nate additionally accommodated our request for an extra day of shooting – a day prior – for a bachelor party on a fishing boat. He worked seamlessly with the group of guys, taking pictures and also participating as a part of the adventure – which helped make everyone more comfortable. After day one it was like having a professional friend taking care of the most important event of your life.

When the date of the wedding came Nate was all business. Literally working his ass off in the Mexican heat, we dubbed him Spider-Nate, because he was crawling all over the house looking for the best angles. He was polite, professional, and efficient when he needed to be. He did a good job controlling the environment when it was important to get a specific look.

There were fun photos, intimate photos, crazy party photos and more. It was important to us not to have cliché wedding pictures where we jumped in the air, made a human pyramid, etc… and Nate’s style fit our wants perfectly. Looking back at some of our favorite pictures, it’s like there wasn’t a photographer present and he just captured us in our element and in our happiest state. It didn’t feel staged and it shows through very clearly in the final product.

On a personal level, we have a large family. Between Bride and Groom there were at least 19 immediately family members represented. Nate took the time before-hand to learn every single family member’s name; literally 19 people he knew all by name the day he showed up. It represents the level of personal care Nate puts into his work. I’ve been in plenty of weddings with far less people where the photographer addresses everyone as ‘hey’. Nate would have none of that as he is a classier gentleman with more style and personality.

When we finally got the album it was very clear that there was a lot of work that went into its construction. Much like his pictures the album is a work of art. It’s more than your standard white binder with frilly doilies and laminated picture sheets. It’s quality work, quality materials that will no-doubt last a long, long time AND the leather bound cover smells fantastic; like a new car full of your favorite pictures and memories from the best day of your life.

After our wedding Nate is someone I would be proud to call a friend and more than happy to hire again.  I’d recommend his work to anyone looking and even more-so to anyone planning an event in Puerto Vallarta. He was more than worth the price for good memories that will last us a lifetime.

Thanks Spider-Nate.

Your friends,

Lauren and Greg

St. Regis Resort – Punta de Mita, Mexico – Destination Wedding Photographer Review


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They say a picture says a thousand words, well our wedding photography from Nate left us speechless. 

Like many couples, we “interviewed” what feels like hundreds of photographers, when we contacted Nate,  it didn’t feel like one of those interviews. It felt like he was just one of our friends who would be taking our pictures. To our surprise it would turn out that our friend happened to be a wedding photo ninja. True story. 

His spunk, attention to detail and passion, matched with his technical skills are the key ingredients to allow you to relive those moments for years to come. We when we saw our photography (which was timely BTW) we laughed, cried and said, “how/when the heck did he get that one?”.

From the planning of the wedding to the planning of the album, he will be gracious, helpful and AWESOME. He even helped us get in contact with other wedding providers. Speaking of “wedding providers” NATE WAS BY FAR OUR BEST INVESTMENT. 

He truly is the wedding photographer our friends are jealous of. 

Our words will not do him justice, so take a look at his shots and see for yourself. We proudly recommend Nate to be your wedding photographer. 

-Elva & Rafael