Documentary Family Photographer – Seattle, WA – Valley Family *Teaser*



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Aleah and Nick are two of my favorite people and, two of my favorite wedding planners, the “purveyors of fun” at Valley and Co.  I worked with the Seattle-based wedding and party planning duo on both Jessica and Dalton’s and Sarah and Brian’s weddings.  Ava was born in April and I’m glad I got the chance to meet her at such a young age and I couldn’t think of two better parents to be raising her.  A couple weekends ago when I was in Seattle, we traveled out to their favorite pumpkin patch in Snohomish.  I felt the love that two great friends had for their infant daughter…the touch and care that it takes to be a parent!  What an honor to witness and be a part of that. Thanks so much Aleah, Nick and Ava, this is just a teaser from our two-hour shoot.  More to come!

La Mansión Wedding Photographer Review – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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We were lucky to have met Nate at my wife’s sister’s wedding three years earlier which was held at Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  We knew at that time our wedding had a lot to live up to and one key piece that our wedding couldn’t do without was Nate.  So I give my sister-in law credit for finding Nate through endless wedding chat rooms and tireless research on the internet which she carefully evaluated each and every detail.  For us it was simple – he was “the one”!

We found Nate to be exceptional to deal with in the planning process and he provided us with confidence that this was one area we did not have to stress about.  Our wedding was held at La Mansion in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Nate is a natural at working the crowd to get the most amazing pictures.  At times he was the life of the party bringing out the best moments of our wedding and other times he was inconspicuous in capturing the most tender moments.  Not only were we impressed with Nate but our friends and family also raved about him, and we were absolutely blown away when we saw the pictures!


We highly recommend Nate for his creativity, being very well organized and sincerely wanting to get to know the bride and groom to deliver to best possible memories he can! 


Aaron and Deanna

My Professional Wedding Photography Equipment

Clients and new wedding photographers often ask about the equipment that I use and travel with when I photograph a wedding.  Clients often ask if I travel with backup equipment.  This is important when you’re traveling thousands of miles to photograph a once-in-a-lifetime event.  This is especially important when the wedding is in an exotic location in a third world country, where you can be guaranteed there’s no camera shop within a day’s drive.  So here it is, my list below:

(2) Canon 5d camera bodies (Mark I & Mark II)

(5) Extra 5d batteries

35mm f1.4 Canon L-Series Lens

50mm f1.2 Canon L-Series Lens

85mm f1.2 Canon L-Series Lens

70-200mm f2.8 Canon L-Series Lens

(2) Canon 580EX II Speedlights

(1 dozen – 2 dozen) AA Batteries

Pocket Wizards

Video light

(10) SanDisc CF Cards

(3) CF Card readers

13″ Macbook Pro + power cord

(3) External Hard Drives for image backup

*All of this equipment travels in my Think Tank Airport International V2.0 bag.  I love this bag because it keeps my equipment safe and protected when I travel and features three different locking mechanisms.  I also travel with a Domke shoulder bag that I use on the day of the wedding.


Fine Art Wedding Album {Jordan + Jed}


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All of my wedding albums are handmade in the United States.  The pages are hand cut and leather bound.  I’ll match the design and color choice with your input to fit your personal style and tastes.  My twelve-inch Fine Art wedding album features giclée printing on Hahnemühle German Etching paper.  Hahnemühle papers are a gold standard in gallery and museum exhibition and archival printing worldwide.  I’m proud to be able to offer my clients the highest quality for their heirloom wedding albums.

The album featured above is my 12″x12″ Fine Art wedding album and was made for my clients, Jordan and Jed, whose winter 2013 wedding was held at the Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City, South Dakota.  In addition, their two 10″x10″ parent albums are also featured with cover styles and interior images selected by their parents.

The Fairmont & Grace Cathedral Wedding Photographer – San Francisco {Carly + Nick – Teaser}


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I photographed Carly and Nick’s San Francisco wedding last weekend and wanted to post a quick teaser.  The first photograph is from in front of the gold doors of the historic Grace Cathedral after their ceremony inside.  The second is from their first look moment at The Fairmont, where the two got ready for the ceremony and where the reception was held in the penthouse.  More to come!

Sodo Park, Holy Names Academy Wedding Photographer – Seattle {Sarah + Brian – Teaser}


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I photographed Sarah and Brian’s wedding on Saturday in Seattle. From the pre-wedding prep at the Hotel Monaco, the wedding ceremony at Holy Names Academy, and the wedding reception at Sodo Park, Sarah and Brian were happy and joyful with just a touch of the good kind of nerves, like you’re on the verge of one of the most exciting days of your life.  These are just a few teaser photos from their wedding.  You can check out their engagement photographs from Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park and Gas Works Park here.

I also had the opportunity to work with the always wonderful Aleah and Nick Valley from Valley & Co. And thanks to Kai Hayashi for coming up from Portland to second shoot with me.  More wedding photos to come soon!

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum Wedding Photographer – Eugene, Oregon {Emmalee + Daniel}


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I had the amazing pleasure of spending last Sunday at the Mt Pisgah Arboretum outside of Eugene, Oregon photographing the wedding of two close friends, Emmalee and Daniel.  Here are a couple sneak peaks at their photos, more to come!

Documentary Family Photographer – Portland, Oregon {Franzke Family}


I showed up at the Franzke house at 7am on Sunday, right as Lily was waking up.  The patience it takes to be the parent of walking, mumbling eighteen month old.  As Wynter put it, you can see who runs the household.  The thing I love about these photographs is the quirky things you the parent witness your children do, or you do for them; cutting up food with with scissors into itty-bitty pieces, the constant changes of clothes, the screaming faces that border somewhere between delight and terror.

I have such a strong appreciation for Wynter and Bill’s commitment to their family. They’re expecting their second child and just finished a move and have barely unpacked.  However, there was never a sign of stress between anyone all day long, just loving family support.

I followed Lily, Wynter and Bill to Bill’s parent’s house for his dad’s 59th birthday.  Lily, the star of the show shared her joy and curiosity and brought smiles to everyone’s faces.  My day ended thirteen hours later when the Franzke’s returned home and put Lily to bed.

Thank you so much for inviting me into your life for this Day-in-the-life session.  I loved every minute of the experience.

Roger Williams Park Casino Wedding Photographer – Providence, Rhode Island {Meaghan + Eric – Teaser}


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My first time in Rhode Island last weekend, I photographed Meaghan and Eric’s wedding, two outgoing, generous, and kind souls. This is just a teaser from their wedding at the historic Roger Williams Park Casino in Providence, Rhode Island.  More to come!

Palm Springs Wedding Photographer – C. Farrell House {Lauren + Paul – Teaser}


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I walked off the plane in Palm Springs last weekend and I started to get a little misty eyed.  “Am I about to cry???”, I thought to myself.  The thought of seeing so many people I care about, all in the same place overwhelmed me.  I’ve been living on the road since the new year, and my extended group of college lacrosse teammates was gathering to celebrate the wedding of two of our own, Lauren and Paul.

This is just one sneak peak from Lauren and Paul’s wedding at the iconic C. Farrell House in old Palm Springs.  Congratulations guys!