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Want to know how to drastically improve the quality of your Instagram photos?  Take Instagram pics without posting them to your Instagram feed.  I got my iPhone in April but because of my inability to fully understand Instagram I’d hesitated in starting an account.  One thing that I think is really helpful in creating great images is to not let your images out into the world before they are done.  Most often, this takes time.  Sit on your images for at least a day, if not a week.  Images that you thought were awesome may not appear so great anymore and images that you thought sucked, all of a sudden have new life.  Maybe you picked the wrong filter the first time around and now you’ve found that a different filter more clearly transmits your intended feeling.

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Because of this issue, I figured out how to take Instagram photos without actually posting to Instagram itself.  This gives me time to edit my photos, and to make sure I’m posting my best work.  The photos above were all shot on my iPhone using the Instagram App at the Oregon Country Fair two weeks ago.

Here’s how to take Instagram photos without posting to Instagram.  

1)  Before you do anything go into Settings > Instagram and make sure the “save filtered photo” is switched to on.  

2) When you’re ready to shoot, scroll over  and put your phone in airplane mode.  I’ve got that step down really fast which is important when you want to take pictures on the fly.

3)  Open the Instagram app and shoot.  To streamline the process so I can take as many pictures as possible of a given scene or event, I’ll just save every photo I take as “normal”.  This will save a normal copy of my photo to my Camera Roll.

4)  Once you’re done shooting the scene, if you want to edit immediately follow this step, if you want to wait to edit your images skip to step five.

Open your Instagram camera and click on the double-square button in the bottom left corner.  You can then select the one or two images from your Camera Roll that you think are best from the many images you’ve shot.

Once you select your normal image you can run any of the Instagram filters on it.  Don’t like the look of the filter you chose?  No worries.  Instagram saves a separate copy to your Camera Roll every time you make a finished image with a different filter.

5)  BEFORE you turn off airplane mode on your camera.  Go into the Instagram feed on your camera and you’ll see all of the images you’ve shot and edited listed as Failed.  They aren’t able to upload because you have no network connection because you are in airplane mode.  Touch the “x” icon next to the image and then Remove, do this for each image in the feed.  Once you’ve done that none of the images you’ve shot and edited will upload to Instagram.

6)  Now that you have a bank of normal and filtered photos in your Camera Roll, you are able to pick and choose which photos and exactly when you’d like to upload to your Instagram feed.  With a network connection, just click the double square icon again inside of the app, select your already-filtered photo from your Camera Roll and process it as normal.


7)  Super easy! And the quality of your Instagram photos will improve immensely once you’ve stopped posting them right away!

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