Las Caletas, Mexico – Beach Wedding {Jennifer + Ben}


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 I’m still amazed that Jae and Ben, and everybody else, partied throughout the first big rain of the rainy season down in Las Caletas, Mexico.  I think without the right personality a destination wedding in the Puerto Vallarta area between June and October can add a lot of anxiety to your life.

In the evenings prior to Jae and Ben’s wedding, you could see the rain clouds forming off in the distance and it would only be a matter of time before the sky opened and dumped heavy drops of rain like they do every summer.  That moment happened during Jae and Ben’s first dance, beginning with little sprinkles and by the time the party started it was a full-on downpour.  Yet, no one stopped.

The reception continued, the dancing continued, everyone was wet and nobody cared.  It was a really cool feeling to be a part of that.  I improvised a rain cover for my camera and danced right along.  When I lived in Puerto Vallarta, the rain was always a welcome thing and something to celebrate.  It meant the end of an intensely hot and humid day, and the beginning of a fresh and cool evening.

I feel that for a lot of brides and grooms rain might ruin a wedding, but for Jae and Ben, I feel that the rain made their wedding.  It was an incredible experience filled with positive energy.

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