Portland, Oregon Wedding {Jet + Kyle}


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How do I describe Jet and Kyle’s visible connection?  They’re warm hearted, sweet and welcoming, both of them.  They are in love with each other and they have a beautiful son, Oliver.  Oliver and Kyle both have this progressive smile that starts out as a small grin until it grows and grows into the biggest full-teeth open-mouthed smile you’ve ever seen.  Both Jet and Kyle fit together; they’re constantly moving, leaning, touching, turning, and resting in ways that make their two puzzle pieces lock.  The day was a celebration of their love for each other, their two families, and their own small family.  The day was also a gathering of friends from all over who came to celebrate. I’m absolutely honored to have experienced that with you two.  Many thanks to Chippy Duong for second shooting with me!

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