West End Ballroom Wedding – Portland, Oregon {Yvonne + Darryl}


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Yvonne and Darryl decided on an indoor wedding in June at the West End Ballroom, which turned out to be a stellar idea given the finicky Portland weather.  It rained on their wedding day, so all the guests stayed dry.  However, we decided to tromp around a bit outside for photos.  Yvonne’s bright blue shoes flashed everywhere as she was continually holding her dress up-and-away from dangerous puddles.

None of their wedding would have been possible without their family and friends helping out long distance.  Darryl and Yvonne had been living in Australia while Darryl went to medical school these last few years.  Darryl finished his degree in the spring and after a pre-wedding honeymoon in SE Asia they were back in Portland, and everything was ready to go just a few short weeks later.

One thing that made me really happy was being able to see Darryl and Yvonne’s face via video Skype after not having seen either of them in so many years.  Darryl and I played lacrosse together in college, he is a year ahead of me, and since the last time we stood face-to-face, I moved to Mexico and became a photographer and he moved to Australia and became a doctor.  Whoa!

There were a lot of familiar faces at their wedding and it felt good to reunite with such warm and friendly people.  I’m really looking forward to spending time with everyone again in Portland, two members of the family have returned home!

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